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Old 07-19-2017, 03:08 PM
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Default Unused Volvo A/C Compressor $425

This is an unused air conditioner compressor, does not appear to be rebuilt. I bought it myself 4 years ago for my former 1986 Volvo 740 turbo diesel (now sold) after its original compressor had been ruined by poor workmanship. That was unfortunate, as that vehicle once had the best air-conditioning ever, so cool and strong even at lowest setting, the vapors were visible, was quiet, and robbed no power from the engine at all; almost couldn't even tell A/C was on. I never installed it, as the car had since had more important needs then than A/C, but I hope this one is as good as the original. And with that, while it has to come under the Craigslist category of 'used' part given its age, I can say I have never personally used it, appears to be in working order, as it is not seized like the part it was to replace, and believe it is good. It is compatible with Volvo 240 diesel, as well; I don't know what other applications its compatible with, but certain there are many. I offered to include it with the 240 and 740 purchases, but buyers did not need it. Since I no longer have either of these vehicles, I no longer need it, either.

The device spins freely and easily, not at seized up, very sturdy, rather fresh and clean in appearance for 4 years of storage, still has some oil inside (the taped cap is there to hold the oil in; shown with and without), has a grounding wire. I don't know the make/manufacturer, so I have to assume Volvo, but I've included the part number I see on the side of it. From its appearance, I'd say all it needs is installation, freon, and its in service. I'd estimate it weighs about 5 pounds, buyer is responsible for shipping/handling. Great, hard to find part available at good price, $425 dodgecolt93@comcast.net

part number U508S105 LxWxH = 8x6x5
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