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Old 01-08-2023, 07:58 PM
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Default car died in the middle of the road (fuel issues), easy fix

Had my first slightly scary issue with my 1982 d24 240 today and it turned out to be an easy fix so I thought I'd make a post to help anyone else with similar issues.
While accelerating onto a major road my car just stalled out of nowhere. No sputtering, no strange noises just dead. Had to have my sister push me to a parking spot to try and solve the issue.
It was cranking without starting so I knew it was a fuel problem.
I could hear the in line pump priming and I have a clear carb filter leading up to that pump so I could see fuel moving through.
I disconnected the fuel return line while the car was "on" and got fuel all over the place, so I knew it was getting to the injection pump but just not through the injectors.
After looking at a few forums I thought it was the fuel shut off solenoid that was giving me issues so I started replacing that until I got bored and looked at more forums and found that fuse 13 is glow plugs and fuel shut off solenoid even though it isn't labeled that way. I obviously didn't even check my glow plugs since the car pooped out while I was driving so I didn't even think to look at that fuse.

My car was only running for 3 days after a month of fixing vacuum issues so this totally gave me a heart attack, but super easy fix and I hope this helps someone else get their car back on the road
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Old 01-08-2023, 08:10 PM
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Default Fuse 13 is an important factor

Did the fuse blow, out of the blue? In that case you might want to investigate why it possibly happened, maybe some wires had been chafing for a while then suddenly finally shorted.
If that happens in the future again or intermittently, then you will know that the car is suffering from deterioration of the insulation of certain wires and maybe eventually you will want them replaced. Track it down, you may find a section that needs a quick touch-up.
Electrical problems could be caused by the infamous `biodegradable` wiring harness since Volvo did not get to use the best materials for certain model years.

Great roadside fix, nice to hear that it got solved on the spot and before losing too much of the battery power! Yeah...the injection pump needs the constant 12Volts... this fact could be exploited as advantage: to build some simple, hidden security cut-off switch for our cars against thieves who happen to be interested in 30-40yo rustboxes with fading peeling paint and brittle plastics (sarcastic). An Immobiliser, an anti-theft device but the 3 pedals already act as a form of deterrent. )

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Old 01-09-2023, 12:24 PM
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Good call Red. Volvo used the Bosch biodegradable wiring 1979-1988. The insulation melts/falls/crumbles off easily, leaving the conductors exposed to short out or corrode. Worse with heat, oil (so engine compartment), and movement (door hinge areas).
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