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Old 09-29-2020, 02:30 PM
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Default Some d24 parts NY State of USA

As a `Spring clean-up` and with the holiday season coming, LOL, I am cleaning up the garage a little and making room for motorcycle projects so I will have some of my d24 stuff for sale. It is actually a pair of 240 d24 spare engines "idling" in the garage corner since multiple years ago.

I may sell some of my misc 740 diesel parts too, if there is interest... but I`m not sure about the 740 parts yet (originally I kept them for a diesel swap of another 700 petrol wagon... but currently have no real time for larger projects, and as it`s always the case, I could definitely use the extra space).

I`ll try to summarize the facts then list here all of the parts I`m offering.

It is a d24 nonturbo engine from an early 240 diesel car, mileage 150k, head is stamped `84. I took this worn-looking dirty engine apart and refurbished everything I could and gave it a good cleanup too. No oil, no dirt, no grime on parts, looks nice and it is currently disassembled. The idea was to get it running in the end so I replaced the belts, flushed injection pump, cleaned the injectors, sealed everything using new shields, o-rings, etc. New seals for the cleaned manifolds and had the entire thing touched up and nicely stripped&painted after I removed all of the accessories. The cylinder head is off for a repair because it has a chip (so injector #6 couldn`t be installed properly until that gets fixed). I have the chipped part (area under injector) but I sent the cyl head to Virginia to get checked up by a really good welder with the right equipment. If there`s interest, I`ll somehow get the head back to sell it with the engine which is BTW complete, and comes with all accessories and parts etc. (I am considering keeping the intake manifold though, in case I have another turbodiesel project in the future where I could use it.) The inside got flushed, oil pan gasket replaced but the TB and waterpump, idler etc is currently off (=bottom is all together though and filled with Mobil-1 TD oil but accessories are all removed except new Mann oil filter and such). The cyl head shows no cracks between the valves or anywhere but one of the cyl one head bolts was found loose at disassembly. This motor would be a great parts-motor and a good accessories-donor for the other 2nd one I have for sale.

The injection pump did NOT leak and although I didn`t get this motor to a start (has the chip in #6 injector thread) but as an experiment I installed&test-ran this pump on another d24 engine and the engine (and pump) ran absolutely fine with no hiccups. Currently this IP is properly stored in a totally sealed dry bucket, free of contamination, pump sealed in triple insulation, plugged, filled with clean ATF and sprayed with a coat of light sewing machine oil mist to avoid corrosion and is waiting. I do have the fuel hard lines, new return lines, etc. The engine comes with PS unit although as far as I remember the d24 bracket has a chip at the lower corner. I have the alternator with it, injectors, thermostat housing and misc radiator hoses, Wahler thermostat, tb gear, all necessary bolts of course, waterpump old and new if there`s interest, ps reservoir, valve cover with strips and all nuts, I have the exhaust manifolds and also the downpipe itself, the injection pump with all parts, brackets, timing belt covers, fuel filter housing with new Bosch filter, the fan assembly with a non-broken d24 rotor, oil pan, etc of course, and I have a nonleaking d24 metal radiator too, carefully packed away and cardboard-crated, vacuum pump and o-ring with all its plunger (marked), nuts, etc; glow plugs made by Bosch, glow plug bus bars re-insulated, camshaft etc, valve shims+tappets all sorted And labeled, cam pulleys, woodruff key, nuts, etc, harmonic balancer OF COURSE everything and all the parts the engine needs. I have a various set of used and new d24 nonturbo cooling system hoses etc too.
Again, as internal wear is unknown to me, and bc head has that chip and bc I didn`t get to run this: this would be a great parts-donor engine.

This 2nd engine is the motor that came out of a nice rust-free 1984 244 that later received a Ford v6 engine swap. Then the owner sold to me all of the diesel-specific parts. The engine is absolutely entirely complete. I also have the functioning BW55 3-speed automatic tranny that was part of the car`s factory setup. I have the BW-55 diesel bellhousing and all the tranny piping, bolts, etc, probably even the diesel 240 airbox and inlet tube. The good cond metal radiator (mentioned above) was part of the same car.
The engine is disassembled and all accessories cleaned and properly stored away in dry boxes in my garage. If there is interest, I can put the engine together just to show&prove that all of the necessary engine-parts are present (though no reason to do that bc a d24 person knows of all the needed parts). The cylinder head could use resurfacing or at least a big cleanup for the new fiber (or MLS) gasket, maybe studs or whatever you prefer. I completely disassembled this engine out of curiosity, also because I wanted to give it a full refresh, also because I noticed bubbles in the coolant reservoir but only with a warm engine not when cold. The bottom part is kept together, pistons and crank, rings etc are still in. Head has cracks bet valves being the typical areas. For the safest HG job I suggest taking it to a machine shop for resurfacing or using a known spare head if you have.

Surely this engine needed a headgasket because exhaust gases made their way into the coolant. Luckily and interestingly, the engine oil never made its way into the cooling system, the coolant was free of oil. I noticed though a fine grey vapor in the crankcase when I ran the engine for about an hour. It was a fine mist so it was either coolant seeping in or it had contaminated oil at the time, idk, I never figured out. Currently the head is off, the bottom of the engine is complete and not taken apart, the crank is in but the TB and timing gears are off but i do have all parts, again, nothing is missing from the engine.
And it ran and i had it stored for a couple of years and always started it and it started fine for the first crank so there is NO compression issues whatsoever and the injectors and especially the injection pump and glowplugs etc are all fine!
This is a great motor for someone willing to assemble it and give it a new life, a life that is happier than being in the corner of the garage. The engine ran absolutely fine and zero again zero smoke. I have videos and literally thousands of picts of the cleanup, the refurb or even the disassembly, tons of videos available and will come with the parts of you want to see some or all.
Injection pump. This IP has zero leaks whatsoever. The motor ran so well and so nicely with this pump. Also, this motor ran perfect with the other pump from engine #1.
There was no IP leak anywhere. No air intrusion, no bubbles and no hiccups while running. Sometimes I ran the engine for longer periods for checkups (as it had the cooling system set up so it was safe).
I do have the original headbolts too and all parts (for both of these engines), if if if , in case anyone approves reusing the headbolts such as famous rebuilder Tom B does. It is gonna have to be your call. The engine needs a good cleanup of HG surfaces, a strong coolant flush and probably studs with MLS to call it a day,. Injectors were not smokey and pump ran amazingly.
I do have various new parts that could come with this setup as well, if there was interest, such as waterpump, oil pan gasket, hoses, new aba clamps, inj seals, manifold seals, etc but all of those are widely still available. Parts are all in a dry box, degreased, clean, some repainted, some polished, and all parts are present, nothing is missing. I`m sure I`m forgetting some details but pls feel free to ask if you want to know something or have other questions.

BTW, Both engines have all of their engine mount brackets on both sides and I think I replaced the mounts too. I have also the d24 ac compressor and its brackets etc and many more d24 things randomly laying around in misc boxes of Volvo diesel stuff.

I`m gonna stop writing more here and see if anyone in my area wants these, for great parts or for a swap.

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Old 09-29-2020, 02:33 PM
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Default Misc brick stuff

OHH! I forgot this:


This chapter is about the 740 diesel parts...

I have some various 740 td parts such as an entire ZF turbodiesel auto tranny with all its piping, td bellhousing, torque converter, all bolts etc of course, td fan shroud and misc plastic trim parts for the radiator/grille area, a td airbox and everything that`s behind the tranny including entire shaft, the rear end/TD differential from the 1985 td 744. I have the td-specific and very much needed td crossmember also plus steering components that are in it. I also have the td front springs (also strut housings/tubes) which are td specific. I have the entire wiring harness from TD 740 but wouldn`t attempt installing it, rather build my own. Good for reference only, has the necessary td relays, glow system etc.
Perfect for anyone doing a 700 volvo gasoline-to-turbodiesel swap.

(There`s no 740 diesel engine for sale as I`m keeping the engine from the 740 td sedan).

In case there is interest, all of these diesel things above will need to go all at once.

I prefer to not ship various bits and am trying to avoid dealing with tons of email, calls, etc due to lack of time.

Also, I prefer to not part out the engines. Someone rather just take it all and preferrably do the plug&play at home.

I have pictures of everything, or can take new ones if there is interest.

In case there is an agreement and the amount gets paid in person or via paypal, I`m willing to negotiate. Can rent a uhaul trailer for my brick to get all of these parts to you, IF you cover my expenses: trailer $59/day, fuel for my car @25MPG, tolls from zip 11219 to your house/garage... . but XC trips? no, thanks
A few 100miles are OK. Oh, I do have #2 engine on a HF engine-stand and will include it for 50 extra (was $99).

$700 for both engines all together and $250 for the 740 TD parts all together.

I have 8 GT rims from a 1979 242 also and a set of Hydras (4) in case there is interest, though I havent figured prices out.
The GT rims need a repaint but are stripped of dirt/paint/corrosion already, I think they are 14 inch rims (I thought I`d be using them with puffy looking tall winter tires but I haven`t yet).
Have some 740 760 780 instrument clusters, various other brick stuff laying around, some too large to ship, some too heavy to ship, some too annoying to ship but could.

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Old 10-05-2020, 06:39 AM
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Do you have a power steering pump for sale? I need a non-leaky one if you know where to get one. Hard to find for sale online.

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Old 10-08-2020, 04:23 PM
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Default Leaking Saginaw pump

The seal kit is widely available for about $7

The rebuild (reseal) isn't hard at all, you can do it really quick without special tools.
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