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Old 10-08-2020, 12:06 PM
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Default Correct Clutch for stock 240 D24 & M46

According to FCPEuro, the correct clutch for a bone stock D24&M46 combo is Sachs K70029-03:


FCPEuro and everyone else seem to be backordered, but I found one on Amazon--NOS from about 2000! See photo of box

However, it did NOT pass the Anders Approval Process--wrong release bearing and flywheel.

So, my questions are:

IF Sachs K70029-03 is NOT the correct clutch kit:
* What is? If anyone has links to vendors, please send them!
* For what vehicle and drivetrain combo is Sachs K70029-03 used?

If K70029-03 IS the correct clutch, and should have the correct parts, I can go back to the Amazon vendor and explain what is wrong.

Thank you!

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Old 10-11-2020, 09:06 AM
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You may want to refer to this thread from a few years ago in which forum member Nevadan provides a detailed review and photos of the various replacement clutch options (at least the ones that were available at that time). https://www.d24t.com/showthread.php?p=6868

I also just made that thread a sticky now, since after reading it again, it contains quite a bit of useful info in one place.

To summarize, the K70029-03 kit is correct, or at least the closest thing to correct that is available. For a long time the diesel clutch kits have been coming with the wrong *pilot* bearing, but with correct parts otherwise. IIRC the release bearing is the same for gas and diesel so I don't know what could have been wrong with that in the kit you got?

IIRC we have had success installing the friction disc and pressure plate from this kit, along with a new pilot bearing sourced separately. Those can be found under their INA number, which I think is mentioned in that thread. The pilot bearing is an Audi part, not Volvo.

As for the flywheel, did you mean the pressure plate? I would be surprised if that kit came with a flywheel, since they typically don't. But if you need to source a correct D24/T flywheel, I have several good used ones and I would imagine Anders has some too?

Finally, there is always the option of taking your old used stock parts and sending them out to be rebuilt and/or fortified, rather than replacing them with new. Could be an option if getting replacement parts proves difficult. South Bend Clutch is a well known provider of this service and for good outcomes.
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