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Old 07-29-2020, 09:05 AM
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Default update

thanks for your valued input V8VOLVO i removed every thing to get at the sensor from the out side it was otherwise not coming out !
i drilled a series of 3 mm holes around the outer edge of hole and used a old 6 mm wood chisel to chop it through it came out like bits but the outer shell
had to be chopped out separately .then bore hole all cleaned out with rat tail files . then cleaned away all rust from behind brake dust guards and i implied a coat of copper slip once rust had gone . i did not have any of the correct grease for wheel bearing so sorry i did not open it i think i should have dad a look inside
bearing housing . what is the specification for the grease and do i have to pack it in ?
without you boys half the D24s woud be not on the road now keep up the great work you do !
regards jim
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Old 08-05-2020, 10:47 AM
v8volvo v8volvo is online now
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Originally Posted by jpliddy View Post
what is the specification for the grease and do i have to pack it in ?
Glad to hear you got it out of there one way or another.

The wheel bearings should just use a standard high temperature wheel bearing grease rated for use with disc brakes, probably anything at your local auto supply should work. You would want to get all the old grease washed out and then re-pack with new grease. You can do this by hand with gloves on (it is messy) or you can buy a bearing packer tool pretty cheaply that helps make it a little cleaner, but the main goal is just to get plenty in the rollers one way or another and a bunch more in the cap, then seal it up good. And of course make sure no dirt or grit ever gets into the bearing or the grease at any point during the process.

However, if you are saying that you were able to remove the sensor without ever having to take the bearing apart, and you never opened it up, then I wouldn't touch it now, there's no need. If it's working fine and no noise or other problems, then you're better off leaving it alone if you can.
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Old 08-06-2020, 09:12 AM
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Default wheel bearings

thanks for that info V8 VOLVO
i will see how things go as theres no noise from bearings .
o do both side nuts go anti clockwise to release 36mm nut i know one on the right is anticlockwise but not had left hand side of for many years .
regards jim
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