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Old 08-13-2021, 04:53 AM
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Default intercooler selection

Hello to everyone,

My d24t tool is currently working around 1 bar. I need an intercooler, I don't know how to choose it, what should I pay attention to?
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Old 08-13-2021, 09:26 AM
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In theory the main things would be:

- CFM flow rate / pressure drop at desired CFM (you can calculate this based on turbo size, boost pressure, and some assumptions about air temperature)
- heat exchange capacity (correlated to size and surface area of the IC)
- fitment in the car of the intercooler core and the plumbing for it

In practice, the #3 concern above (fitment) will be the most important. Any intercooler will help as long as it is of reasonable size, so you want one that won't be too much of a fight to install and plumb pipes to.

Good options are abundant on ebay for aftermarket types, but the factory Volvo intercoolers as used on the gasoline (or later Euro diesel) 700 series turbo cars are also good intercoolers, nice and large, and of course bolt right in with factory plumbing. Personally I would probably try one of those first if one were available.

What year is your 740? There are 2 styles of factory intercooler, 1991-older and 1992-newer. You would want one from the same type as you have now.
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Old 08-20-2021, 04:57 AM
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Vehicle: 740
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Thank you for the information.
My car was a 740 89' B 200 petrol but I converted it to a d24t. I rebuilt it and it's very hot in the country I live in (Cyprus) there is no problem for the hoses, I can make them. I also have an N/A intake manifold. I just don't have intercoolers. Where can I get an original intercooler? Or will the 5.30 BMW intercooler work for me? There is a 2019 Model water-cooled Mercedes AMG cooler . Since I don't know how to choose it, I'm wondering what I should pay attention to.
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