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Old 08-12-2019, 11:35 AM
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Default D24T + nissan 350z 6 speed into 245 wagon

So ive been lurking around the forum for months now, and finally joined!
I own a 1986 volvo 245 DL with an automatic gasser. Everyone has been trying to talk me out of this crazy idea ive had. Well the time finally has come! I have a decent d24T out of a 86 740 automatic and a cd01 6speed trans. I know the gasser guys have access to an adapter plate to swap in this trans. So why not into a diesel!?
Basically i will be notching and filling in the crossmember for engine fitment, and plan on massaging tunnel for trans clearance.
Two things are holding me up at the moment:
What is the appropriate flywheel? (Dog dish or flat)
And sourcing the correct bellhousing (apparently gasser and diesel housings vary?)

All help and constructive opinions/tips are highly appreciated!
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Old 08-13-2019, 09:01 PM
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What a great idea. Don't let the gasser guys talk it down!

If the adapter plate goes between the Nissan trans and the stock Volvo M46/M47 bellhousing (like the T5 adapters do), so that you bolt the stock Volvo bell onto the Nissan trans, then this should be possible the way you described. You will need to find a diesel M46 bellhousing, preferably out of a 240 to make the clocking angle correct, to put this setup together.

However if the adapter plate you have in mind is designed to adapt between the Volvo engine and the Nissan bellhousing (rather than the Volvo bellhousing and the Nissan transmission), it will not be bolt-in and more work would be needed, since the Volvo diesel and Volvo gas engine bellhousing patterns are different.

To my knowledge the diesels only ever came with dished flywheels. However the clutches and pressure plates are otherwise similar to the gas Volvo setups so anything you can do to beef up one of those would work for a diesel clutch as well.

Welcome to the board, keep us posted on how it goes and be sure to share pictures.
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Old 08-14-2019, 03:36 AM
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To make your life easy I would get the complete mounts from a 240 diesel, also get the oil pan, pickup, flywheel and bellhousing.
Modify the 240 diesel pan for turbo drain, donít modify the 240 crossmember for the d24t oil pan, you will also have to build mounts if you use the d24t pan.
I have built many turbo diesel 240ís.

Iím interested to see how the adapter works for the Nissan 6spd. I have thought about using a t56 in one, itís a lot of transmission for a d24t, but it would be different!
12mm pump heads, ARP stud kits and GTD nozzles available! http://d24t.com/showthread.php?t=1646
NA intake manifolds and 240 turbo pans for sale.
Need d24 or d24t parts? PM me!
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1984 764 D24T/ZF build thread: http://www.d24t.com/showthread.php?t=1734
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Old 08-14-2019, 06:05 AM
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Thanks for the feedback guys!
Anders, thanks for all the help you have provided before i could post!!
Once i source all the parts, i will post a build thread and share all pics and mishaps along the way.
This is the adapter plate i will be ordering
This adapter has dual bolt patterns, lets you choose the position you want to mount!
There is 3 differnt style transmissions, with different output shaft bearing sizes. I have the older style 6spd, so i would have to use the adapter plate with external slave cylinder, instead of the concentric release bearing- which i feel would be an easier swap since you would just use the automatic bellhousing and taper to run hydraulic line into.
Anderson, i really appreciate your help man! i thought i could just get away with notching the crossmember and just dropping it in. I will definitely try to source the correct parts, and do it the tested and proven way. I was a very weary about notching and filling.
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