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Old 07-30-2019, 07:35 PM
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Default Intro FordVolvoGuy

Hello all. Just joined this group. Have been a long term Volvo 240 owner but only recently stumbled across this discussion board- what a wealth of info. Just hope it isn’t dying from lack of activity.
I have had a ‘80 265 (“6” due to 6 cyl D24 ) since ‘95 but developed starting/smoking excessively 16 years ago so stored. In interim picked up an ‘82 264 diesel and installed a 5L Ford- love the performance but 18 mpg :-(. Well recently picked up a “donor” ‘84 244 with a D24t out of a 86 740. Plan is to swap the D24t into ‘80 Wagon including adding intercooler. So have been mining past posts here and anxious to be active participant.
Again Hello to all!

PS anyone know how to get in touch with “Anders”; have pm’d him a week ago but no response??
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Old 08-03-2019, 08:21 AM
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Hello and welcome to the board, good to have you here.

Yes, it's a great group, a little slower than it used to be now due to less activity, but we still have a good number of folks who periodically log in. There are sometimes stretches of days where there are no posts but we still get a good discussion going from time to time and as you noted, the existing info from past posts is a great resource. The more participation the better, but regardless the site has value.

Sounds like a fun project and if you have a D24T 240 donor car, that will be a great starting point since it should already have all the adaptations done to install the turbo engine in the 240 chassis (oil pan and dipstick tube, alternator bracket, motor mounts, IP throttle spool assembly, etc). The turbo really transforms these engines, not just more power but better flexibility and refinement. If you are used to the feel of the non-turbo version you will really like driving the TD in the 200 series.

Anders logs in here occasionally. I have his direct contact info, will PM it to you. He is a wealth of information and parts for these engines.

As you might guess from my username, a V8 swap is in my past as well. I used a Ford 5.0 also, out of an early '90s Mustang, into a 740 wagon. Fast and fun but then I got bit by the diesel bug. Those 5.0s are great engines though with wonderful power and sound, and I liked how perfectly it fit in the Volvo bay. If you have done one of those then you will find the D24T swap to be a piece of cake. Look forward to hearing how it progresses and please do share updates and photos as you go.
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