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Old 05-19-2016, 08:41 AM
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Default Not a D24 but I thought you all might like ... F613

So I picked up a 1982 Volvo F613 box truck with the TD60B turbo diesel engine. It has 275k on it and runs smoother better than my 1984 D24 with 90k on it . Anyways every part number I come up with is obsolete it. This is a European truck that was imported in 1982 for sale in the states.

This truck was for sale on craigslist as a good storage box and for scrap on the rest. It sat for the past 11 years in the same spot and had not run. It was sold as a non running or rolling truck as the air brakes were locked up due to no air on the system to release the E brake. My friend and I aired up the system to check to see if it would release and it did so first hurdle was overcome so it would roll. Then we drained the fuel out of the system, including the fuel filter, added new fuel into the fuel filter and then into the fuel tank . Man there was a lot of nasty yellow/green diesel in it ! The truck was also sold without a key so , you guessed it, we had to hot wire this thing to get it to start. First we figured out the wires to the preheater on the intake (this does not use glow plugs, it is a large preheater inline with the intake) . Then after preheating the air we cross the wires to get it to crank and a few minutes later we had a parking lot full of smoke . It soon cleared up and we were driving around the parking lot. The hydraulic part of the brakes were not working because someone left the bleeders to gravity bleed for 11 years... anyways we drove it to my friends shop a few miles down the road without brakes. Once at the shop we filled the system with hydraulic fluid and bled the brakes . We also found out it has a jake brake, which was a plus! We then did a full service on all the fluids and filters after cross referencing and measuring to find parts that would actually work . There is a lot more to do but she runs and drives down the road. A few days later I was able to drive it to my place . Top speed is about 70mph and it has a manual 5 speed ZF transmission .

in 1981 Volvo sold it's first truck to Wilson trucking. This 1982 used to be part of the wilson trucking fleet as well.


in 1983 Volvo build a heavy truck plant in VA so they were now made in the US. If anyone has any info on these or know where any of these are rotting away then I would love to talk to you . We need a few parts and would like to restore this. It runs and drives well but we have a few things to work out. It is fixed with a 2500lbs lift gate as well. It is a 20' box on the back with hardwood flooring and aluminum shell. Right now we are having a hard time locating any parts for it. I just retrofitted the cooling reservoir with a new one made for a 2004 freightliner . We need to reseal the clutch master cylinder and I am hoping I can find a seal that will fit because the repair kits and parts are no longer available from anyone unless some overseas friends can find these parts I think we are still looking at retrofitting everything.

There is something also very odd with the electrical system. The starter and the lights are 12v but all the gauges are VDO 24V . I know these trucks came with 24v systems but to have the gauges 24v and the rest of the system 12v . The fuel gauge, the temp sensor, and the tachometer are not working correctly. They all light up with the dash lights but the gauges themselves do not work. The temp gauge shows that the truck is overheating but it is not over heating. We have no boilover at 15psi (the original system was under pressure at 22psi) and you can stick your hand right by the engine without feeling any major heat . But again the sender is unavailable. I can't even get the proper specs on the sender or the gauge from VDO. Volvo killed all the numbers and it's not just volvo, most of these parts were use by Renault, DAF and other European truck manufacturers so it is very odd you can't find parts for any of the trucks of that time period. We also are having a hard time finding any service or schematic manuals for it. I have seen the ones on ebay but I am not in the mood to spend $165 for a set of manuals just yet. Volvo corporate wouldn't help and the volvo truck dealers are no help either. I was referred to AB Volvo direct with a phone number to their Swedish headquarters . I am gathering all the information for one of my Swedish friends to make a phone call one of these days.

anyways I hope ya'll enjoy the photos! if anyone could help that would be great!

btw this is for personal / farm use that is what I am using it for . Many plans down the road for it but for now I'ts going to get used.

1984 244 Diesel, 1989 244 Diesel, 1979 242 GT , 1978 264GL, 1958 PV444, 1988 244 DL , 1986 245 GL , 1970 164 , 1967 122S 2dr, 1966 122s 4dr, 1982 Volvo F613, 2008 Ford F250 4x4.
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Old 05-19-2016, 10:24 AM
spiffy926 spiffy926 is offline
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That's spectacular to see one of those in the states!
Good luck with the restoration.
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Old 05-23-2016, 10:28 PM
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Default good truck

That engine is so good and it can make a amount of horsepower. I like it alot 👍
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Old 06-02-2016, 06:23 PM
RedArrow RedArrow is offline
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Default amazing turbodiesel 6cyl beast

It is so freaking awesome, get it fully rebuilt and painted, maybe use it as a flatbed trailer and add sticker `Towing Volvos ONLY, so I`m broke.`

Thank you for saving this machine from slow death. Keep it on the road if you can!
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Old 06-03-2016, 05:35 PM
S&W 629 S&W 629 is offline
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Very cool. Best of luck with your restoration.
1985 740 GLE
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Old 10-17-2016, 11:47 AM
Kraftwerk Kraftwerk is offline
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We still have quite a number of those, as well as Mercedes "NG" 814 and VW-MAN 8.136... Those trucks are just indestructable and keep on going forever. Good job on saving it.
- '94 965 // OM606.962
- Assorted 700/900 cars, a lot of them.
-'91 740 turbo 16v - workhorse/daily driver
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