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Default d24 nonturbo diesel nozzles VERSUS d24T turbodiesel nozzles.

Originally Posted by DieselScout View Post
I took apart a couple of the injectors and the nozzle part number reads "dnosd1930." I can't find many 1930 nozzles online, but there seem to be plenty of "dnosd193." Will the 193 nozzle work as a direct swap?

Is it OK to just only replace the nozzles or would the springs, shims, etc...also then have to be replaced?

According to the d24 and the d24T greenbook manuals (I have both and compared) you can use both nozzle versions (1930 and 193).

Both numbers are listed in the d24T turbodiesel greenbook!
Both numbers are also listed in the d24 nonturbo Greenbook manual!
In fact, those are the 2 numbers listed under each other, in both manuals (for turbo and nonturbo diesel cars).

I am surprised to see this...
the nozzles can be the same but opening pressures are not.

About opening pressures the d24t manual says this:

Injector opening pressure:

MPa 14.5-16.3 (Checking value)
psi 2062-2318 (Checking value)

Setting value:
MPa 15.5-16.3
psi 2205-2318

This is weird because:
14.5 MPA equals with 2103psi,
and 16.3 MPa equals with 2364psi,
and 15.5 MPaequals with 2248psi.
This means that all their numbers are somewhat off!! Bad Math... in the d24T manual...

About opening pressures the d24 manual says this:

Injector opening pressure:

MPa 12-13 (Checking value)
psi 1707-1849 (Checking value)

Setting value:
MPa 12.5-13.5
psi 1778-1920

This is also weird because:
12.5MPA equals with 1812psi,
and 13.5MPa equals with 1958psi,
and 12MPa equals with 1740,
and 13MPa eqals with 1885.

This means that all their numbers are somewhat off, too!! in the D24 manual...

Just for reference,
130 bar is 1885psi
155 bar is 2248psi (=15.5MPa)
170 bar is 2465psi (=17MPa)

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