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OP, what RedArrow offers above might be your easiest path to an automatic 240 turbodiesel. Though it would be fun to see a ZF get put into one of these.

One other question that someone might know the answer to (I do not): is the bellhousing from a BW55 able to bolt onto a later AW70/71/72 overdrive transmission? If it is then that might be another good option. If it were possible then the resulting setup probably would bolt right into a 240 as the gas versions of those usually had the AW70 and old gas turbo automatic 240s had the AW71. If you could find a later year AW transmission it would also have a lockup torque converter, though whether the gas TC would bolt up to the diesel flexplate is another unknown question.

In any case the BW55 wouldn't be bad, they are a little more primitive than the ZF but with a healthy turbo engine spinning it I think the driveability and performance would be just fine.
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