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One other option if you want an automatic trans turbodiesel 240 that will all bolt right in: you could find one of the old BW55 transmissions that came stock in the automatic 240 diesels. Those are pretty antiquated transmissions that are not on the same level as the ZF in terms of performance or efficiency, and behind a non-turbo D24 in a stock 240 they are slow as molasses, almost dangerously slow. They also are 3-speed units without an overdrive top gear or a lockup torque converter, like the ZF has, so they will have the engine spinning faster on the highway, or you could use a taller rear axle ring and pinion to bring the highway revs down but give up some snap off the line.

But on the upside, the old style BW transmissions are tough and reliable and pretty smooth shifting, it would bolt into a 240 at the right mounting angle with no tricks at all, and behind a good running D24T engine the performance would be much more reasonable, probably good enough to move nicely.

The hardest part about using a D24 BW55 trans would probably be finding one, as those factory automatic diesel 240s were such dogs to drive that nobody wanted to fix them when they broke and most got junked before too long. They're probably out there if you look for them though.
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