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Think I have an extra set of the cooler tubes around, or Anders may have several also. The trans mount is easy, you can buy them new for about $5 (the rubber part). The trans crossmember will be a little more of a challenge though. In the 700 series the ZF auto trans crossmember is the same part as the M46 crossmember, they're dime a dozen, I have a few I would give you happily. But bolting it into a 240 would be another matter, since of course it won't fit under a 240 without modifications.

The other tricky piece you will encounter is that the ZF automatic is configured to be installed behind an engine that is mounted at the 700 series slant, which is more vertical. In the 240 the engine is tipped further over to the driver's side. If you are installing a ZF behind a D24 or D24T in a 240, then your options are to either try to change the mounting angle of the engine to the 700 series position which will require custom engine mount fabrication and possible surgery on the engine crossmember, or mount the engine at the regular 240 angle and deal with the transmission being clocked to a non-level angle in the car. In other words the trans pan will not be parallel to the ground, the entire transmission will be tipped to one side. That will create some other issues, all of which are probably solvable but will require effort: custom transmission mount parts fabrication to support the trans at the new installation angle, probably some tweaks to the trans shifter linkage so that it doesn't bind or wear out due to the mismatched angle with the car floor, maybe a custom trans sump and/or dipstick and/or filter-pickup assembly to get the fluid level right and make sure it doesn't starve when going around corners. That's all in addition to custom front half of driveshaft, etc, other standard expected changes.

In short it would be a really neat outcome to have that trans in a 240 but it's unfortunately far from a bolt in swap and will definitely require you to get creative regardless of which approach you choose. Here's another guy who was recently looking at doing it and discussed it in a thread:

You may have already known all this so sorry if I'm repeating it in that case. But if not, might be a good moment to think about some of those decisions before you take the plunge.

Good to see to back here again and sounds like fun either way.
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