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Originally Posted by BogfordGarage View Post
Your first suggestion seems like a good one to investigate, would i have to strip the pump from the head down to get to the main fuel collar or is there an easier way to access and clean it up?
The governor shaft and its flyweight mechanism dominates the space above the main shaft, blocking much of it from view. You may, however, be able to inspect and observe the governor lever and its motion. Remember to matchmark the control lever to its splined control shaft before removing the top cover. I am using the component terminology from this exploded view, good enough for our purposes.

Originally Posted by BogfordGarage View Post
On the pump itself there seems to be yellow markings on the max fuel screw and on the boost compensator nut suggesting to has been set up following a rebuild prehaps?
Pretty good assumption. Possible rebuild or recalibration.
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