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Thanks for both your replies
DrSpanky: I was thinking the pump would probably need a rebuild at some point its just a shame that i cant at least get it to run before doing so but if it comes to it it might need to be done.

Ngoma: Anders post:

Your first suggestion seems like a good one to investigate, would i have to strip the pump from the head down to get to the main fuel collar or is there an easier way to access and clean it up?

All the throttle linkage seems free and easy to move, no sticking on return from full throttle.

I have very little history on this car however things do seem to have been "looked after" there was a decent amount of oil in the crankcase and I found a garage invoice for coolant flushing which looks to be true as its very clean.
On the pump itself there seems to be yellow markings on the max fuel screw and on the boost compensator nut suggesting to has been set up following a rebuild prehaps?

I wont be able to work on the car for a couple of weeks now but I will check out the throttle lever when I next can.
Thanks again.
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