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Don't know which Anders post you're referring to but when one of mine had a broken governor linkage cage it would start (with difficulty) but not stay running. Guess there could be other failure modes.

The main fuel collar is at the bottom of the pump, and if the 20 years of gunk has settled there, it could be impeding the sliding action of the collar. If stuck in WOT position that would for sure cause a runaway condition. Forum member v8volvo had a fuel collar with a broken control knob. The collar migrated to a WOT position and the resulting runaway near ruined the engine.

Presuming the "throttle" linkage, levers, cams, and spools are operating freely and not binding?

Has anyone messed with the fueling ("smoke") screw? Even a partial turn in too far can cause an extremely high idle.

Has anyone removed the throttle lever? Its hole is toothed to mate with the splined end of the throttle shaft (but not keyed), and a common mistake is to replace it in a different clocking position which can cause a high or no idle condition.
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