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Default Runaway on start up (SOLVED)

Hi everyone
This weekend my brother and I bought a 760 GLE turbo diesel, she been a bit neglected, dry stored for 20 years or so, but with a bit of work should be back on the road in no time. Except for the slight engine problem.
Firstly the starter motor wouldn't engage but after removing it and lubricanting all the part it was then working fine. Trying to start it was difficult with the battery half flat plus jumping off another car but eventually we got the injector lines bled and it ran on all 6. However it then started to runaway immediately. We switched it off and covered the air intake and it died out. Removing the turbo from the situation didn't help as it did the same thing again.
I've read in Anders post regarding the same problem that the governors can get stuck having sat for a long time. Is this a good place to start? And does anyone else have any other ideas what could be causing this?
Thanks in advance

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