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Default Hi

I have the 12mm stuff but not yet installed,
the gtd nozzles (set at 170) are in and it was a huge difference immediately.
Idk why, probably my injectors were very worn out. I am crurious now how it would run on new stock injectors as a comparison.
I am not sure about that ...but now I have about 100miles on the gtds and I have to say it is awesome. The car is peppier, less noise and rattle, much much smoother idle and running, cold starts simply sound amazing And all smoke disappeared too. Pulls much stronger too.
Purposely I havent changed timing or anything (i just put the new injectors in) so I can experiment with the gtds alone.
So far it was a GREAT improvement.

Since then i got the manifolds off and fully cleaned the poop out and added new gaskets for both and it simply runs amazing.

Re: "forum is dead"
Hopefully the forum wakes up as weather cools and temps go down...diesels need more love and maintenance from now on. Lol.
Keep bricking!
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