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Many thanks V8volvo for your detailed response. Although there is another important external factor which affects my decision as to whether to go ahead with the repair. In the Uk, in all the major cities the different local councils have been introducing what is called Low Emission Zones, these vary from city to city, but what it means is that in English cities, most diesel cars manufactured before 2014, will be charged a heavy daily levy every time they use their car, or vehicle in the city, and in Scottish cities they will be banned outright, which means that I will soon not be able to use my car in Edinburgh, and old diesels will become next to being worthless. I think the decision regarding Edinburgh's LEZ has been delayed due to the Covid situation, so perhaps I will delay my decision until I find out what is happening in that regard. I can easily regularly get some indication of the condition of the belt by slipping the top cover off .
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