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Originally Posted by anders View Post
The springs will work, I don't think it matters what engine is in there. Your car will end up being lower in the front then what they specify though. The springs are designed with the weight of the gasser.
thank you mate, i didn't think it would make any difference but i thought I'd check anyway if anyone had any experience with them..

Originally Posted by RedArrow
Bilstein Touring (non heavy duty) shocks all around ($65each),
New front SKF upper bearings with all new front end bushings and anti sway bar end links,
Rear overload springs from IPD ($175 for the pair, that time),
IPD 25mm anti sway bars front And rear ($275 for the pair/kit)
That sounds like a proper sweet set up man. How did you come up with it?

I'm really just looking to get it a bit lower for aesthetic reasons really. It rides really nice with the stock springs but it looks too high!
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