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Default 1985 740 TD Sedan Portland

744 TD automatic, not mine but looks like a pretty good one:

I see nice (and rare non-metallic) light blue paint that looks to be in good shape, blue cloth interior, cruise control, good tread on the tires, an original window sticker, and what sounds like good upkeep throughout its life.

Downsides, the broken temperature gauge would definitely be a critical immediate repair (should not be driven even once without it), looks like idle speed is too high which could mean IP adjustment needed or more likely a failed cold start device wax thermostat stuck in the cold advance/fast idle position (would need to be repaired or disabled to protect the engine and transmission from damage), and I see no mention of timing belt history so would probably need to assume that would be another urgent need before regular use. Heater fan noise probably means a corroded lower bushing in the blower fan that would need to be lubed or replaced before it melts down the fusebox.

All of those are easy fixes though, and the fundamentals look and sound solid, looks like a good deal on a nice starting point if anyone is looking for one. Automatic 700 TD sedans (or wagons) are great comfortable daily drivers.
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