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Impolvo 10-23-2021 01:51 PM

I need a radiator
I need a radiator Thatís pretty much it I need a radiator mine has a slow leak thereís no shops to repair it around so I need a good one to replace it because I know one overheat thatís it
If it matters itís a 1981 to 62 with a D 24 swapped into it plus turbo and intercooler

v8volvo 10-24-2021 09:11 AM

Any used radiator will be 40 years old so probably will leak soon too... Probably would want to get it rebuilt before dropping in, if you find one. So a used rad might not really solve your problem, at least not more than temporarily, still would need to find a rebuilder.

New rads for 240 diesels have been NLA for some time now unfortunately.

There is nobody in your area that can rebuild an all-metal radiator? Try asking some hot rod shops or heavy equipment/tractor places for a referral? Today in 2021 I believe it is still a common need to have a radiator re-cored for applications that don't have easily obtainable new replacements but that people are still dependent on. I live in a tiny town of 8,000 population and even here there is a busy radiator rebuild shop.

Slobodan 10-26-2021 01:02 PM

alternatively One can also use a NISSIN brand new radiator for a '92 ~ '95 940.
Just need to use D24T upper hose and make use of copper fittings to make an elbow piece to connect to the D24T lower hose. These radiators drop right in. Also will have to mount the expansion tank on the passenger side of engine bay.

Slobodan 10-26-2021 01:07 PM


RedArrow 10-26-2021 08:42 PM

Option for UK brickers
Nissens 65509A is also good....no mods necessary

I bought a 760 td car in the past which had this radiator fitted at a Volvo dealership and I know it from the sticker on it plus the Nissens sticker was intact, so it fits. That car was an automatic but these radiators can be used with the manual tranny as well.


Description by the eb.ay seller (good for cross-references):

"Brand: Nissens
Part Number: 65509A

Engine Coolant Radiator - Nissens 65509A

For transmission type: Automatic
Without air-conditioning

Dimensions: 590 x 509 x 32
Material: Plastic/Aluminium
OE Reference: 13 28 933

Also replaces following references:
VOLVO: 1257766 VOLVO: 1328402 VOLVO: 1328933 VOLVO: 1328802 VOLVO: 1328831 VOLVO: 8603639 VOLVO: 8603897 VALEO: 810962 VALEO: 810974 VAN WEZEL: 59002034 VAN WEZEL: 59002049 GERI: 19770 AKS DASIS: 3304501 AKS DASIS: 3301901 AKS DASIS: 220450N AKS DASIS: 220190N SCHLIECKMANN: 60592034 BEHR HELLA SERVICE: 8MK376720701 BEHR HELLA SERVICE: 8MK376720711 4SEASONS: 132014 NRF: 50433 AVA QUALITY COOLING: VO2049 AVA QUALITY COOLING: VO2034 ARD: 311556 ARD: 311148

Other cross-reference(s):
AVA: VO2034 VO2049
BEHR: 2116223 8MK376720701 8MK376720711
NRF: 50433
Valeo: 810962 810974 "

Also good is this one:

part # 8603639 = nissens 65509A

" P/N: 8603639 Nissens Cross References: 1328831 5003639 65509A 8603897 W01331836106 "

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