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  1. nice to have a volvo diesel forum
  2. Lockup converter... Can you force it to lock?
  3. Crank vent routing question??
  4. EGR question
  5. Progress Report: No-Start N/A D24
  6. Hard starting when cold, out of the blue...
  7. glow plug issue
  8. Steel Headgasket
  9. Timing
  10. Heating up / Overheating under load
  11. Injection pump timing report
  12. Interesting thing happened this morning
  13. 1983 760 d24t white smoke
  14. D24/D24T Parts info wanted
  15. big bore
  16. Turbo/waste gate issues - Low Power
  17. Car won't start...AGAIN!
  18. D24t blown Head Gasket
  19. Is it possible to convert a D24 to a D24T?
  20. What would you consider to be a "Rebuild?"
  21. Check your throttle linkage!!
  22. Long cranking time when hot... Isn't that backwards?
  23. Importance of the rear cam sprocket key?
  24. Identifying what year on a D24
  25. Useful links and info
  26. diagnostics and toolmodding
  27. rear-axle rebuild volvo>>jeep cherokee I
  28. B100? Soy-based Bio-diesel?
  29. Where to get steel head gasket
  30. Burring engine oil
  31. switch m46 to m47: is it possible??????
  32. Diesel leaks, pump help
  33. Where is your crankcase vent routed?
  34. Jason's "pro vent" oil seperator, for $200 less than the Mann system!
  35. Repair fuel leaking pin
  36. normal idle
  37. problem with the tachometre
  38. D24T OE valve cover color?
  39. coolant
  40. D24T Glow Plug Wiring
  41. Glow Plug sound
  42. About the OD solenoid in m46 trans ??
  43. normal temperature
  44. What can I get
  45. Tool / manual rental?
  46. D24 N/A Vs D24T Cam
  47. Water pumps
  48. '82 240 d24 stalling- frustrated new owner
  49. lifters
  50. Harder and harder to start
  51. New Owner-- Question About Temp Gauge
  52. Synthetic oil
  53. Recieved Four D24T engine blocks
  54. Vacuum Pump Leak at Head
  55. Head Off anything I should do while Im at it?
  56. Turbo or rings broken?
  57. Head Swap Coolant line difference
  58. DIY Coolant loss Alarm/Sensor
  59. timing tools source?
  60. What is the Sensor on intake?
  61. Fuel Filter Inner o ring???
  62. What oil?
  63. Is the Pressure Plate on the D24 the same as the D20?
  64. Best way to drain fuel tank?
  65. Bleeding Fuel Injector lines
  66. Fuel basics
  67. Manual Flywheel Bolts??
  68. Where can I buy this Gasket?
  69. Fuel Injecton pump belt is too tight
  70. Zf Transmission
  71. Hi I am a newb after some advice
  72. Power Steering Pump Mounting Bushings
  73. Glowplug system
  74. Newb Questions. Bell housing same as a vw?
  75. Excessive oil consumption
  76. Turbo problem diagnosis
  77. Recomendations for a block heater please..
  78. Oil pressure
  79. steering pump bracket ??
  80. rough running, fuel leak
  81. How can I put an M46 from a gasser on my D24T? Please help!
  82. Power steering belt length
  83. D24T: Expensive to mantain?
  84. Engine Mounts
  85. d24 n/a eroded injector seats
  86. timing and pump belts for 940
  87. d24tic rebuilding
  88. Bosch injector differences
  89. Weird but beautiful: Stopped smoking
  90. 740td temperature sender please
  91. I need some clutch/tranny swap help...
  92. Motor options...
  93. Pump leaks, again.
  94. TURBO light on
  95. what is volvo vadis?
  96. 87c thermostat in a d24t ?? is it normale
  97. TURBO repair manual
  98. ATF as fuel: Interesting information
  99. engine not starting... Problem solved
  100. why is there a screw in my vacume hose?
  101. So I scored an 1982 N/A D24 & M46 w/OD today
  102. Contemplating D24+T
  103. Advice on checking the bottom end
  104. Engine On Time
  105. O/D solenoid question
  106. Question about engine+transmission
  107. Injection pump belt replacement
  108. Stuck oil drain plug
  109. D24 D24T D24TIC? how to distinguish?
  110. [740] Swap D24 with D24T/D24TIC - Plug'n'Play?
  111. Tired turbo?!
  112. First D24, advanced situation
  113. Fuel hose sizes and types please?
  114. Need advice on donar car
  115. what pump
  116. Who can school me on transmissions?
  117. Help with wire location in engine
  118. IP "screw on the front" what?
  119. Shifting into 1st, rolling forward in neutral with a M46
  120. Injection pump bolts
  121. How to adjust the turbo?
  122. A Couple questions.
  123. question about high mileage D24T
  124. Oil in the water....
  125. Mount IC, need to disassemble the airintakemanofold?
  126. Timing, Pump, & Valve Adjusting Tools
  127. looking for advice on pop testers...
  128. Completed Build to no start
  129. Adjusting fuel screw - help please
  130. to avoid an oil gusher and for future reference:
  131. Overdrive indicator light
  132. Leaking I.P
  133. which one you advice me ??
  134. [740 D24] Custom radiator?
  135. Final Drive Ratios
  136. common problems with d24/d24t??
  137. 240/740 bellhousing/ clutch
  138. '84 240 diesel questions
  139. It ain't a gusher, but I am still leaking oil....
  140. On another note, I'm still getting smoke.
  141. Strange noise from rear of d24tdic 940 engine
  142. What is the real torque value for the front crank bolt without special tool?
  143. Engine weight and HP numbers
  144. glow plugs stuck on
  145. timing belt change
  146. Want Spare Alternator-- What to look for at junkyard?
  147. D24 belt sizes and extra pistons anyone?
  148. Needed: Shop that works on D24 near Temecula, Ca
  149. What sealant should I use between the turbo housing and the exhaust manifold?
  150. 244 Diesel, Removal of camshaft sprockets
  151. Car hard to start in the morning (Socal - so cold should not be a factor)
  152. M46 Problems (kinda)
  153. Oil Cooler and Head Gasket Questions
  154. Source for tools
  155. What sensor is this (covered with oil)
  156. Wastegate actuator has 2 ports on top, a small one and a big one.
  157. Vacuume pump "repair kit"
  158. engine component into another healthy body
  159. Picton deck height tool
  160. Piston rings
  161. How do you get the thermostat to open?
  162. Eli's 245
  163. HP or LP turbo ???
  164. Heater hose connection at the thermostat housing
  165. Exhaust leak between manifold and turbocharger
  166. Torque Convertor Lock-Up query
  167. Head gasket part numbers, installation instructions
  168. 84 - Volvo - D24 thermostat, air, oil, and fuel filter suitable part numbers
  169. 3.30 rear end+m46+d24t=good idea???
  170. Volvo V6 TD engine ?????
  171. Tool Rental Program Feeler
  172. Piston Rings
  173. Cooling fan howl
  174. What is the average oil pressure on a D24?
  175. Gearbox problems ZF-22. Gear stucks...
  176. Towing with D24t equiped 7xx series??
  177. Sluggish and slightly thirsty.
  178. D24Tic power
  179. Help - is my headgasket going....??
  180. Injectors leaking mid-body.
  181. '83 740 wagon
  182. '81 or '82 260 diesel wagon
  183. D24TDIC Hydraulic Valve Lifters
  184. Rough start with alot of smoke
  185. Just picked up a used d24 motor, what do the casting number mean?
  186. Very low fuel consumption!
  187. Got VADIS working!
  188. D24Tic Injector Replacement/Recon
  189. How To: D24T Heater Hose Replacement, On a Budget
  190. Dimensions for Diesel Injection Pump Locking Pin, Volvo# 9995193
  191. IP Timing and Cold Start
  192. The "GREEN" books download links
  193. Losing power
  194. hv's headgasket replacement thread...
  195. Tools for cambelt/headgasket
  196. Headgasket Torque/retorque
  197. More MLS headgasket part numbers
  198. Timing belt tension question: please help so I can move ahead with the frankenvolvo!
  199. D24T Injection pump rebuild kit ? Pump shaft size
  200. diferential ratio
  201. Think No.6 Injector was f****d?
  202. injector hard line needed
  203. Replacing IP shaft seal with pump in car
  204. Adjusting Turbo pressure
  205. Valve adjustments - shims
  206. Tool to hold crankshaft pulley
  207. Change throttle shaft seal
  208. Sump removal
  209. Options on adding a turbo to a 240 series
  210. Anyone run Bio or Veg oil on here?
  211. Pump leaks
  212. Timing question
  213. Valve shims?!?!
  214. Keep glowplugs on for longer?
  215. Diesel Mounts in Gasser?
  216. Injection pump setting in video.
  217. Oil/water heat exchanger where is it connected ?
  218. My options for a tappet compressor tool?
  219. Perhaps someone is interested
  220. How do I tighten my alternator belt?
  221. 7 series Auto to Manual Transsmission swap
  222. Well... here goes...
  223. CSV Settings - Can I do this with the IP installed on the engine?
  224. Front Camshaft Seal?
  225. Injection Pump timing after belt replacement
  226. More IP timing questions
  227. Removing the IP
  228. What sensor is this?
  229. The weight of a d24
  230. UK 760 TD Greenbook?
  231. Drive shaft bearing replacement
  232. IP question??
  233. water pump question
  234. Valve spring compressor with head installed on block
  235. Piston Rings! Who, where, why,how much?
  236. Cylinder head Questions
  237. Cold Start Pictures anyone?
  238. 200 series D24 removal
  239. Vacuum Pump Rebuild Kit
  240. D24/D24T green paint?
  241. Biodiesel?
  242. Pistons?
  243. What to look for in a used D24T
  244. Hard to start after injector pump belt replacement
  245. Injection timing?
  246. where to buy intake & exhaust gaskets?
  247. Timing tools on ebay
  248. Fuel pipe connection on Tank
  249. Cylinder out of round specs
  250. Need some measurements please!