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Old 01-13-2016, 09:54 PM
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Default Inexpensive grease gun works great on 240 door hingess

I recently came across a vintage Mercedes site that indicated the inexpensive Oregon Products grease gun worked in Mercedes door hinges that had a dimpled grease fitting similar to the ones on my '82 240 door hinges.

So I bought one and gave it a try. Worked great!


Go to "detail view" on that page to see a better picture.

I just used the "general purpose" grease that was shipped in the tool. You can clean it out and use the grease of you choice if you want another grease.

My 245 sat with little use and even less maintenance for ten years or so before I brought it home last Fall. The driver-side doors swung fairly well but the passenger side was a bit tight. So I was concerned that they might not take the grease... but to my pleasant surprise both hinges on all four doors took the grease without much trouble and now the all swing very freely.

I'm not sure what year/model Volvos have the dimpled grease fitting in the door hinges, but if they do this little gun is an inexpensive way to keep them swinging freely.

I'm far from an expert about car maintenance and perhaps others have other or better ways to keep the door hinges greased, but for me this was an inexpensive way to do the job.


Also posted on Turbobricks
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