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Old 05-19-2019, 04:02 AM
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Default Altered crossmember pic ?

i've to put a TDIC in my 240
I can modify a NA oil pan for the oil turbo return line. Ok
But I've read some have modify the crossmember to match the TDIC pan ?
Any pics or explanation ?
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Old 05-19-2019, 07:33 AM
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It's not a good idea. Crossmember may end up weakened by the alteration and you won't be that happy with the fit after all that work in the end. The bottom of the oil pan will not be square to the bottom of the car when sitting at the 240 mounting angle, the pickup in the oil pan will not be square to the ground either so its function will be compromised when forces are high and/or oil level is low, the dipstick won't read correctly due to the different mounting angle, the oil drain plug will no longer be at the low point to drain the pan fully, and the whole setup will look wrong.

The NA 240 pan is not difficult to modify for the turbo oil return and then you can use the 240 dipstick and tube as well. Everything will fit and work properly if you do it this way. Anders (on this forum) was building and selling completed 240 D24 pans with the turbo drain added, ready to bolt on. Why not buy one from him?
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