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Old 06-08-2016, 12:30 PM
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Default Volvo Fuel Tank Pump/Sender

Does anyone have a picture of the sender unit for a Volvo 740 diesel my understanding is that the level sender and the housing should have 8mm and 6mm barbs to match the cars pipes.

The one on my 740 has what looks like 12mm and 8mm and extra wires.... so my assumption is that someone has fitted a petrol one. If the fuel is low it's hard to start and before I looked at it had loads of air line adapters to make the pipes match the car (and also a big loop of pipe, dunno why)

Any how I remove the loop replaced the pipe work with ones rated for fuel.... and not airline and used proper adapters. Since this it's now harder to start with a lower fuel level.

Now my guess is that it had the petrol unit with an in tank lift pump and that's not been wired in. So I'm hoping someone has some pictures of a diesel unit so I can modify the petrol one to match the diesel one (once I have ran the fuel down).

Any pics, thoughts or suggestions welcome

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