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Default 1985 Volvo 740 Turbo Diesel for sale

I have decided to offer for sale my best car--the 1985 Volvo 740 turbo diesel.
I've had the 1985 four years and though it looks similar to the 1986 turbo diesel I had, (now sold, as well as the 1984 240) but it is different. It's bigger, wider, roomier (lacking '86's sunroof gives it more headroom), has black leather interior (the other had blue cloth), fewer miles, 132,000 to '86's 148,800 miles; (it had 95,000 miles when I bought it 4 years ago) and though it is more common, it has a distinct difference--I've had an engine modification, where the EGR system is removed and air intake is cleaned out and closed off (visible in the photo). This gives it more power than 1986 had, can effortlessly do 70-90 mph, without notice, and it doesn't smoke, even when floored. It also runs cooler than any turbo diesel I've seen. If the '86 was the rarest as the last Volvo 740 turbo diesel to be imported, this one is rare in that it is the only one I've seen where the EGR system has been successfully and beneficially removed. Its so well done, it appears to have always been this way. I happen to prefer the '86's smoke, though I know a smokeless diesel to mean a well tuned one with good compression. While EGR removal is creative, and well done (this EGR bypass is rarely successful on these, mine is the only one I've heard of without resulting damage), I've sometimes thought it has too much power, especially when it once had a power pipe it came with (since replaced with standard). This made it run with the power of a sports car, didn't even feel like a diesel and it still has palpably more power than the '86. In perspective, the sister I loaned the '86 to for 6 month loved that one, as it ran like a luxury car to her; she hated the '85 as she thought it runs like a sports car. If the '86 could be turned into a race car, this one is already halfway there; the next step would be adding propane injection tank (an modification I've heard of in the trunk) to yield even more power, keep the oil cleaner, and eliminate smoke, entirely. Also, I've had the injector pump rebuilt and new fuel pump, and the air conditioner does work (needs to be recharged for the summer, and I do have the new compressor I purchased for the '86), and it has the cup holder arrest, too. I've done the same preventive rustproofing, caulking of windows, and "upper coating" of the inner floors that I did to the '86. It still has it original paint in good condition--NO rust at all anywhere. I drove it through last year's blizzard, and this year's with no concern for undercarriage water damage. I also have a new windshield, headliner, battery (this is a type with a green light built in that lets you know when it goes bad, by turning red; I've never seen a battery like this) even the light *inside* the center console box works. I've grown up with these kinds of cars, and I have never seen one where this light works. Has modified rear speakers, great radio, and a fitted car cover and power locks, steering. Also have parts left over from earlier turbo diesels.

This is my best car, and the one that was a D24t.com 'secret' and while not perfect, it is in much better condition than that one, but circumstances dictate. Because of it's better condition, investment, and superb EGR modification, I am firm on $5400.
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New to this. Dodgecolt93@comcast.net
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Looks like a nice one. The 1986 models are a good year, only year the US got them with the updated crossmember design and some other improvements. Sounds like you have gotten some good use and enjoyment from it.

If you want to add more pictures, you can do so by hosting them on another site (e.g. imgur, photobucket, etc) and then inserting them as images in your post here using the URL linking to their hosted location. More details if you need them: http://d24t.com/showthread.php?t=1265
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