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One other possibility is stuck fuel injectors. It is common for the engines to sit 20-30 years and then start right up, but the fuel system is much more vulnerable to problems from sitting if any of its parts have been open to the air. Over time the exposed fuel turns into gum and can jam the precision parts, especially the injectors. Then even if the engine is set up correctly it will not run. I forgot about this until now, but I just remembered that the most recent time I got one of these cars going after sitting a long time, the first set of injectors I had in it caused this problem for me. I disassembled the injectors and found the nozzles were seized. I swapped in a set of injectors from a running engine and it started right up.

If the timing checks out correctly and you think the injectors may be the issue, it's pretty cheap to get injectors tested at a fuel injection shop or easy to take them apart to troubleshoot, or I or another member here could loan you a known good set to try. I believe Ivan (RedArrow) is not far away from you in NY and he might have a set you could use.
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