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Old 01-28-2016, 12:47 PM
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Sorry its been a while been mega busy having a 10 week old son and doing 12hr shifts at work is taking its toll
I'll get a photo of the motor mount tomorrow hopefully
Our locos run v16 MTU diesel engines with 4 KKK turbos
Their derated for our application so once they coke up they get HotWired by us as their all elctronically injected so we hack in alter the fueling and take all the boost restriction off and give it full beans till the smoke clears or it fires flames out the exhaust (saves 28 hours of miserable soot scraping but don't tell my boss)
The ovlov now feels slow compared to what it was with all the fuel and boost wound up was wondering if it was worth winding the on boost fueling up a notch as low down its perfect now but feels a bit lack luster high up the range doesn't want much just a tweak to get it where it should be
Is it screw in for more fuel or screw out I can't remember
Thanks again for the help
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