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Old 02-06-2016, 05:26 PM
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Default D24T engine and other parts for sale.

Hello everyone,
I am selling a D24T that came out of 1986 Volvo 740 Wagon. The motor was not original to the car but was swapped into a gasser. The original work was performed by a well respected and knowledgeable diesel mechanic in Portland, Oregon, Chris Bogue, whom has performed many of these swaps. The car always ran vey good and the installation was very clean and professional. Unfortunately, I had developed a coolant leak at some point and I didn't top the radiator off in time. When I topped off the radiator, I failed to bleed everything properly and as a result, the engine got hot and I blew the head gasket on a drive out to Cannon beach. I had the car towed home and took the head off to have it checked for warpage and to have the valves looked at. This work was performed by a very reputable diesel shop in Portland. The head received a clean bill of health, a very thorough cleaning and valve seat and gasket surface re-surfacing to Volkswagen specs. I still have the receipt and the work performed description and the head is still wrapped in very thick plastic and has a light coat of oil. The plan was to re-assemble everything and continue to use the car as my daily driver.
During this time, my wife and I had our first child and the lure of being back in Ohio near our families was too strong. So, I removed the rest of the engine components minus the M46 tranny and brought everything back to Ohio. The plan was to eventually buy another gasser project car to transplant the D24T into but that has not worked out. I am the project manager for a rapidly growing craft brewery and I do not have time for another project. Due to work, a second child and too little time/money to devote to another project the engine has sat in my shop since I got back to Ohio.
I loved the car and I love this engine but I have since restored a 1984 turbo diesel Jetta which is my daily driver. I am also very pleased with the 1.6L Jetta version of the Volkswagen so I am not looking to do anything with the D24T. Id be very happy to see this engine go to someone who loves them as much as I do and this forum is the best place to find other like minded folks. I have the block, re-worked head, injector pump/pre-bent pipes, exhaust downpipe and the triple k turbo, probably some other stuff of use too. I'll make a complete list for anyone interested. I'd like to sell it all at once so I don't have to prepare a bunch of bits for shipping and to make my goodbye short. I am asking $600 for all of it. The head work alone was $400 and all of the parts are in good condition. Sorry for the long story and thank you for reading.
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