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Old 09-30-2017, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by RedArrow View Post
...the gtd nozzles (set at 170) are in and it was a huge difference immediately.
Idk why, probably my injectors were very worn out.
What were the old injectors set to? Big difference in POP setting (old vs. new) could be the source of the performance difference.
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Old 10-01-2017, 06:12 AM
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Unfortunately I have no idea what the old injectors were set to because it wasnt me who installed them back then, and I havent touched them for six years. It was a multiple hour struggle to get the injectors out safely. I also do not know what type of nozzles they have.
I am sure they were worn because my smoke is gone. I did not change anything else purposely. I d k how many miles those old injectors had in them before me but I added appr 30k miles.

I did have smoke and it always bothered me. Lately it was pretty disturbing bc i could see massive clouds of grey behind me especially when city driving at night, i could blind the driver behind me anytime. It wasnt black or blue smoke, it was greyish. I always saw it in the headlights of cars behind me. I love how people do not tailgate me though!!! Once a rich guy cursed me for stopping early for a traffic light that was soon turning red out so I punished him bigtime in a huge never disappearing grey cloud and he got stuck getting it for a long time and coughing in his cabriolet not seeing a thing for minutes. Nice lesson for those who dont respect vintage diesels and tailgate plus curse at brickers. ... Other drivers and bystanders loved it too bc he was a really mean ahole that kept blocking the box and obstructing pedestrian crosswalks block by block and kept hating the world and its people while constantly cursing.

I used to have lot of grey smoke not at startup but every time i accelerated from lower rpms (All gears). Even worse when tranny was in higher gear compared to actual speeds such as 3rd at 25mph or 2nd at 10-15mph etc or 35 in 4th etc. It happens in traffic when you gotta slow down a bit then you give it gas again but not yet time to shift down. Then it smoked a Lot......
usually it smoked from 1500 to 3000rpm i think, under acceleration and never at idle or startups.
Last time i checked timing it was at .93 i think. I will recheck but now it runs so perfectly that i dont even wanna know. Or should i set it at .95-98? I have no idea but maybe the fuel can get turned up a bit too. The car feels like it could use it now, it just wants to go but something is holding back a little (no brake drag ) ...
Im just thinking it could go / pull even much faster/stronger.

I'll keep experimenting for a few hundred miles without all adjustments then we'll see.
Since the intake and exhaust manifolds got off to be cleaned, i hear and feel the turbo being more active too, it jumps in earlier i think, i noticed hearing a nice healthy whistle as it spools.
I love driving it even more now.

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