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Old 01-21-2018, 02:27 PM
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Default VNT D24 940 project 'FLU'

this is my D24 to end all "D24s are crap" lark. also to showcase my fully mechanical VNT controller, if the thread gets interest ill make a full build log about how much a pain in the arse its been. still, worth it if you ask me.

the whole plan of this was to make an engine that you can start with a screwdriver and fix with a 200 halfrauds socket set at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, go as well as a 5-6 year old diesel that needs plugging into a supercomputer every time its air filter gets changed. and so far it does that. my target was an E60 BMW 535d.

the last time i did a dyno run a few months back at VT dyno day 2017 she made a smidge over 200bhp and around 400nm torque.

apologies again to anyone who felt that they had done a shift down 't' pit that day!

now it can make the 520nm rated clutch slip in top gear, there may be an issue with the clutch, but i need to do another Dyno to see for sure. It sometimes breaks traction in a straight line in 2nd gear, with 205 profile Continental tires, needs a locking diff really...

boost comes in hard around 2000rpm, through to 2600rpm ish, making 30 PSI on the GT2260v from an 530d BMW, all the way to 5000rpm, by then the governor starts cutting fuel, although it does rev to 5400rpm.

anyway. i hope you like it, here is a video link to its last dyno run


if there are any fellow D24 people around who are planning power, contact me and we can have a chat, not many of us around in the UK at least

many thanks
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