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Old 11-19-2017, 11:10 AM
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Exclamation Hello from Canada!

Hello brick lovers,

my name is Louis, I live in Canada. I am a new member on this forum and I recently bought my first Volvo, and yes, it's a diesel. It is a 1985 Volvo 745 with the D24T motor. Of course the motor need love. I am currently finishing my studies in Heavy Diesel Truck mechanic. My goal is to rebuild the engine and run it for several years again. I have all the service manual for the D24T. I have read about the engine and it seems to be tricky and a lot a knowledge is required to achieve a successful rebuild. I am also planning to swap a M46 from a gasser, but a local guy is telling me that they are not as good as the automatic on these motor? I will need to find parts to do the swap, like a D24T bell housing, flywheel, and sleeve of input shaft is different? I also know that some tools are indispensable to work on these engine?

I would like to hear all of your personal experience to rebuild the engine and D24 in general. I know it depends of wear, but did you needed to rebore the cylinder with oversize piston or simply new ring set... Doing overhaul, would you suggest me to change everything in new? (crankshaft bearing, valve, connecting rod bearings, etc..)

Any tips or info is appreciate!!

Here is my 1985 Volvo 745 GLE:

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