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Old 11-27-2015, 11:14 AM
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Is that really a PCV? I thought it was more of an oil separator.

Run the engine with the oil cap off. Try to see if the smoke billows out or just kind of wafts out. Does it puff like an old steam locomotive?

How many miles/hours since rebuild? Maybe the rings are not seated yet?
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Old 12-03-2015, 06:34 PM
718Pinz 718Pinz is offline
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Sorry about the delayed reply, but I have been in the last days of the sale of my house. It has been pretty hectic and crazy around here, especially since the closing date was moved up by nine days!

I was told, by the machine shop, that these German rings are super hard and take a while to seat. I have only put on about 2k kilometers since the rebuild, so it may just need more miles. I have been running it like a rental since, minus the first fifty or so miles.

As for the puck, yes, my manual calls it an PCV. I ran it with the hose disconnected, for a while, and it seems to like it better that way. I suppose I can always rig up a "catch can", and just bypass the PCV. Anyone out there done this? I would hate to ruin my turbo, again, by caking on a bunch of misted oil...

When I did run the engine with the hose disconnected, and the port blocked off, the oil misted out in a fine cloud. I am going to be driving my Pinz tomorrow and will check to see what happens with the oil cap off. What does it mean in either scenario, wafting or billowing?

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