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Old 03-12-2016, 02:06 AM
Gaston Gaston is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2016
Location: France
Vehicle: 245 D24
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Default Hello from France


I'm Gaston, 28yo, from France.

I started "serious" mechanic by changing a D24 Head Gasket for a friend, 8 years ago.

My everyday car is of course a '91 245 D24 witch is supposed, one day, swap to a D24TIC or a D5252T

I have too a 270.000miles '97 855 TDI converted to WVO with a two-tank sytem

In the past, I had 2 more 245 D24 and 2 945 D24TIC.... and many more 200/700/900's I have led to scrap after being dismantled.

I hope you will understand my bad english !
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Old 03-12-2016, 05:37 AM
Goteborg Vapenfabrik Goteborg Vapenfabrik is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Oglethorpe's Colony
Vehicle: 1985 740 Wagon
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Welcome, it's great to have someone with your owner experience in this board, of course here in the states no diesel 200/700 were imported after 1986 or thereabouts, and no 900 series diesels at all. I'm currently endeavouring to get my 1985 740TD up to standard.
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