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Old 09-30-2018, 02:41 PM
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Default Overhauling for a VW LT 45


I recently got a VW LT 45 4x4 Doka, which has the d24t engine.



It's a pretty slow truck, even empty, at about ~6000 pounds. By the time I finish building it out as a camper I will be at ~9500+.

I have been reading through the forum builds where people are pushing 200+hp, but it doesn't really seem like I have the space due to the engine location / hatch lid.

It also looks like a lot of the build outs and parts are from awhile ago. Should I give up on the d24t and go Isuzu or Cummins?

Thanks for your thoughts and times

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Old 10-01-2018, 03:48 PM
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If you looking for serious power, do a 5 cyl TDI swap from an Audi (Eurpoean). I have a LT31 Florida (hightop) running 22psi and it's still slow. It's not nearly as heavy with highway gears too.

Cummins is too big to fit properly. You have to cut out much of the floor and fabricate a custom cover. I helped a bit with one a few years ago. Gobs of power, but very very noisy. Chris up in Oregon has done the 5 cyl TDI swap, I think he's pretty happy with it.
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Old 10-01-2018, 03:49 PM
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ps - if you're on facebook come join us on "VW LT MKI Owners of the Americas"
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Old 10-02-2018, 09:12 AM
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There are some mods you can do to increase power and mileage. I wouldnít try for 200hp in such a heavy vehicle though.
I would do the following:
Head work
Pump mods
Shoot for around 140 hp for a long and happy life for the d24t. 140hp may not sound like much, but thatís almost a 50% increase on most stock d24tís!
12mm pump heads, ARP stud kits and GTD nozzles available! http://d24t.com/showthread.php?t=1646
NA intake manifolds and 240 turbo pans for sale.
Need d24 or d24t parts? PM me!
Shipments done on fridays!

1982 242 D24+T/M46- Super pumped! Build thread:
1984 764 D24T/ZF build thread: http://www.d24t.com/showthread.php?t=1734
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Old 10-06-2018, 04:05 PM
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What will count in the real world for a vehicle like yours is not how much peak power you can make but how much you can continuously USE without burning the motor up. Can you use all the power of the stock engine for extended periods of time currently without coolant, oil, exhaust temperatures getting out of control?

Doubling the stock hp as some folks have achieved in a lightweight car that mainly gets used for commuting and an occasional brief stomp on the accelerator for fun is one thing and even a heavily modified engine could potentially live a long and reliable life with that kind of use. But put that motor in a heavy vehicle, load it up, start rolling up a mountain pass on a warm day and hold the pedal to the floor for more than a few seconds and things will not go well for very long unless you have done major additional supporting work to the cooling system that will enable you to throw off all of the additional excess heat generated by increased HP. More power always equals more fuel which equals more heat.

Anders is the one to listen to on what is a reasonable and reliable power goal for these. But again max HP is has no meaning in a vehicle like this if part of the power band is off limits to protect the engine.

I would start by assessing where you stand now in terms of cooling capacity. Without making any changes to increase power, are you able to take your truck as it is today and drive up whatever is the longest and steepest grade you'd like this truck to be able to climb, in warm weather, with your foot against the floor the whole way, and have the critical engine temperatures stay safe? Most cars and trucks that came with this engine cannot do this even at the stock power level without significant work to bring the cooling system up to the task.

If your truck can, then you have headroom to make more power and use it. Otherwise, though, your effort will be wasted when you back off on the hills to keep it from melting down. Make your first task keeping the stock engine cool at full load by beefing up the cooling system, then see where you are able go from there. New clean radiator, new 80C thermostat, big intercooler, and big external oil cooler will probably be the least you need to do. Radiator size upgrade or an additional aux radiator are almost a guaranteed requirement for more power, and might be needed even just for the survival of the stock setup when working hard depending on what kind of weather you want to run in.

Sweet looking truck, welcome to the forum.
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