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Old 09-30-2013, 06:09 PM
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Default 1986 760 TD complete for parts

Hello all. I realize that new users need to earn a rep on forums, (god knows I've dealt with my share of scammers and r-tards on blade and gun forums), but I have a situation on my hands that prompted my finding this site while researching.

I am located in Wenatchee, WA. I have a 1986 760 Turbo diesel that my dad left me. While it was never cherried, it was lovingly cared for as issues popped up. Not being a patient man, every time a switch burned out or shorted, my father would bypass it with the venerable toggle switch, color coded. You have to be able to fly the space shuttle to steal this car. When his health failed, he drove the car until the injection pump quit. Since then, 3 years ago, it has been sitting in a climate controlled Onion shed that was turned into a winery. It needs to be moved, which I am doing this week. Car is complete, issues laid out below.

Injection pump is out, but rebuild-able. it is the third inj pump in this vehicle. Mice have destroyed the leather interior. The body is immaculate...no scratches or dents, dove grey. Radiator is brand new, replaced a week before the inj pump quit due to a 1' x6" piece of 3/4 plywood outside denver. The car has 473000 original miles. Engine needs a rebuild. Burned oil fast, no oil in the water or vice versa though. Burned a quart a week, and still got 36mpg. My dad said it had "considerable blowby'' when we towed it to the winery warehouse 3 years ago.

I would love to keep this car and fix it in dad's memory, but it's not possible financially and I can't have junk cars under current lease agreement. LAndlord has given me two weeks to remove it. I would like to part it out. I like the idea of Volvo lovers using parts that brought my dad such contentment and that smug superior smile when towing a 4x4 F250 out of the barpit in a blizzard just south of Idaho Falls (same trip that did in the grill/radiator outside Denver).

What I KNOW is BAD on the car. Injection pump. Wiring bypassed includes: Headlights, high beams, ignition/starter, glowplugs, fuel delivery switch or solenoid, so assume those segments of wiring harness toast. Interior is black leather and is thrashed from mice. Engine needs rebuild.
What I KNOW is GOOD: Turbo and exhaust manifold only have around 60,000 on them. Alternator same. Starter year old. Motor mounts replaced. Head was rebuilt, no idea when, so thats at your own risk, make no claims bout that. Radiator brand new...know for sure cuz I paid the $425 and put it in myself. Brand new (3 years ago) Toyos Touring on stock volvo rims. Custom exhaust. By custom I mean dad swore and yanked on tubing with a bender until we only had to cut a couple thing under car to wedge it in .

What I would like...fair offers for parts you want/need. The car is complete less the issues mentioned. All parts still bolted in car, nothing torn apart yet. I'm not looking to get rich...just want good guys driving pieces of one of my dad's loves around. Shipping will be handled in the manner you prefer. I can post pics in a couple days, just need to rent a trailer and go get the car from the winery warehouse. Two weeks from today, she goes off to the scrapyard.
Edit: It is indeed a 1985 760 GLE D24T TD. Also, had to enlist the Sheriff's Dept to gain access to the storage where car was stored, thus the delay in posting pics.
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Old 10-01-2013, 06:55 AM
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I would be interested in getting the complete car from you. I will send you a PM.
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Shipments done on fridays!

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473k, that's got to be one of the highest mileage original motors around. A new one built now and run with modern synth oil probably would last forever but using old style dino oil it seems like they would usually be pretty tired well before that point! The highest I have seen on an original motor was a 244 with 330k -- it finally blew a head gasket. Not bad even so...

Didn't see if you mentioned whether it is a wagon or a sedan? And are you sure it is an '86, or a 760? 1986 was final year for diesels and only was available in a 740 with automatic trans. Previous years you could get a 760 diesel but not '86, if '86 is right then it's probably a 740 even if it somehow ended up with a 760 badge on the back. No great difference either way of course... However, those final year '86 models are the best of the breed in a number of ways, they had some improvements that the other years didn't get, such as updated front crossmember with better reinforcements in areas that often crack on the earlier cars, composite battery tray that doesn't rust, various electrical updates, etc. As long as you don't view the mandatory automatic transmission as a downside, those final '86 cars are nice to own, with a few less things to worry about if you can find one in good enough shape to be a keeper... Otherwise their parts make nice upgrades for the older ones.

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Vehicle: 1986 Volvo 760 TD, 1999 Lincoln navigator, 1999 Powerstroke TD F350 Crew Cab Dually
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You might be right about 740. Since the owner of the winery warehouse has yet to show up to unlock it so I can retrieve the car, I will edit post to reflect that when I get it home.
I am almost 100% sure about the mileage. My father used to keep a mileage log after the odom died. He drove that car all over the united states, and him and I made many many tens of trips to council idaho to see family, and Colorado Springs to see my brothers. When I lived in Lake Charles Louisiana, he came down in it twice.

I don't know about the maintenance on the motor. I never heard him mention a rebuild. I remember him saying something about replacing gaskets and seals a couple times, and the major component problem he had was the injection pump usually lasting only two years. The exhaust manifold was replaced, along with turbo pipe at some point.

It's a four door sedan. It's kinda my dream car, but as a laid off guy of 34 working for temp agencies, no way I can pull it off or pay for storage.
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Old 11-01-2013, 01:56 PM
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hey is there anything still for sale on this car? just lookin for parts
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Old 11-04-2013, 02:56 PM
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Vehicle: 1986 Volvo 760 TD, 1999 Lincoln navigator, 1999 Powerstroke TD F350 Crew Cab Dually
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Hi 240TDi. As of right now sale is pending, with two offers. If either of those falls through, I will be tearing parts out before scrapping. I will have a list of available parts at that time.

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Old 01-10-2014, 08:34 AM
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Did you sell the car or will you be parting it out?
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