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Old 01-01-2019, 11:47 AM
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Default 900 Auto trans take off question

I've to pull out the auto gearbox of my 940 TDIC. I'll take the angine for my 240. bolts between engine and gearbox seems hard to access ? So it could be better to take off the engine with trans. How I take off the gear stick ? Any tricks ? information ?
Any information about putting 940 TDIC in a 240 is also welcomed
PS : Sorry for my poor English, I read better than I write ;-)
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Old 01-01-2019, 03:53 PM
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Engine and transmission together is easier in my experience.

Remove the radiator, top crosspiece, A/C condenser, e-fan, grille, and you have a nice big clear opening in the front.

Leave the downpipe attached. Disconnect it at the triangular union at the front exhaust pipe.

IIRC you can leave the shifter in place. The linkage underneath has a few e-clips that are easily unhooked. Don't lose the small bushings.
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