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Originally Posted by anders View Post
I have all those parts, the transmission crossmber is the same from gasser to diesel.
Thanks for reply. Shipping might be a problem for those kind of parts... At least you live north east? I am interested for my project

Originally Posted by RedArrow View Post
I have a question about the diesel cars' engine crossmembers...

Did D24 and D24T cars have the same?
Is there any difference?

(And... for members in Europe: How about the later 900 diesels?)
I think D24T is not direct bolt on in a 240. You can notch the cross member so the D24T oil pan can fit. Just used the same D24 NA motor mounts. If you decided to used the D24 NA pan you must drill and oil return line into the pan for the turbo. You can use D24 NA oil pan on the D24T so it will clear the cross member...

For Volvo 700 and 900 series I don't know
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