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Originally Posted by v8volvo View Post
Part of the problem is that the registration process for new users has been slow as a result of a forum software flaw in recent months. That may have reduced the number of new members joining and starting discussions. This was recently fixed with a software update. More new members may help activity on the site.

Fortunately, many of the long-time forum members that have shared large amounts of knowledge are still around and participating frequently. The forum is indeed an excellent reference due to the info folks have added in the past that is still accessible, and I think there will continue to be activity and valuable information shared as time goes on. The site is not going anywhere.

If anyone has any changes to suggest to improve the site, please feel free to contact an admin anytime. Additionally, it always helps keep the discussion going if experienced members start threads of their own to update the status of their projects or share new information or experiences.

Unfortunately the picture hosting problem is one that we can't solve since it has to do with an external host. The forum does have a built-in photo hosting option that members may want to consider using in the future as a way to avoid this type of problem.
I know, about the photos being offline,
With mentioning that I hoped that some users would re-upload the pics.

Curious to see an update !
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