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Originally Posted by ngoma View Post
Brekizer what would you like to see more of on the forum? Requests for problem solving? Showing projects and improvements? More marketplace? How-tos?

Trying to find out where we might direct our efforts.

I too was a victim of photobucket terms change, now searching for a suitable replacement but looks like it will require a lot of tedious work no matter what.

Currently my 745 is out of action. Snapped a headbolt trying to remove the head for a headgasket change. Maybe I'll start a thread to see what suggestions you all have.

Basically everything, this whole forum is one of the better oldschool style forums I know, and now nothings happening anymore.

I do think if the photobucket issue is fixed then things people will come back on the forum more (everybody loves pics)

And offcourse the howto's, you join a forum in search for knowledge
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