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I had this once and it developed into a bigger problem : the alternator wasnt charging anymore.
My ignition switch also had to get replaced.

I had to carefully inspect the cluster and I found a broken connector with wires and solders that were cracked and had to be redone.
Somewhere in the lower middle area (center) there is a connector under a plastic cover that was completely broken and chipped with it a part out of the main "motherboard" lol.

I found an 87 780 cluster and used that for creating 1 working cluster out of 2clusters for the 86 745 by swapping good bertone parts into my cluster.

Check and TEST all wire routings for continuity and check solders as step 1.
Good luck to figure this annoying trouble.

My issues started showing when i steered left a lot. Like at u-turns when the wires somehow got pulled i think.
Later it developed into a real pain daily...
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