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Ok so an update on what has happened since I last posted. This has happened 2 more times for a total 3 times since getting this car on the road. Here are the facts/details that I know. I am baffled, so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

1. The current car is a 1984 245 2.1 turbo/automatic car that we converted to D24T.
2. We left the in tank pump and eliminated the inline pump.
3. The car will run out of fuel when the gauge shows just above the orange on the gauge.
4. I have to bleed a lot of air out after it dies, the way I do this is turn the ignition to the ON position and use the in tank pump to supply the fuel and loosen the 10mm screw on the top of the fuel filter housing.
5. I have filled it each time this has happened and each time it has only taken 10-11 gallons of fuel.
6. The fuel cutoff solenoid is GOOD and works as it should.
7. I have not changed my current fuel filter for a few months.
8. We used the factory gas supply and return fuel lines.
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