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Originally Posted by ngoma View Post
Leave it at TDC. Tighten the crank pulley bolt as best you can, using your pulley counterhold tool in one hand, wrench in the other.

Do a camshaft timing while at TDC. Tighten the camshaft pulley bolt. Now you should be able to rotate the engine without interference.

Rotate as necessary to place the counterhold tool against the other side of the fan pulley snout. Go back and reef on the crank pulley bolt.

Rotate the crank CW one time.

Check the belt tension again (we don't expect it to have changed anymore but it's an easy check).

Back at TDC, check the camshaft timing, adjust if necessary.

Looks like you dodged a bullet!

You can do it-- doesn't have to be pretty-- Just put a couple doglegs like in the photo-- the square socket drive is really not necessary. Get the bolt tight but not crazy tight. Don't recall this one ever loosening on its own, but if it does, it will not damage the engine.

If you crank the engine carefully by hand, you can percieve if there is a contact happening before doing any damage.

Many thanks for all your help, I appreciate it Ngoma, think i'm good to go, I'll let you know how it goes

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