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Originally Posted by Goteborg Vapenfabrik View Post
That's a slough full of Volvos. Any progress on the Volvo truck?
I had some new brake lines made for the front brakes. I need to retro fit some new master cylinder reservoirs. I have not cleaned the injectors yet but they seem to be running fine. It still runs and drives I just and not so sure about taking it too far from the house yet because a break down is at least a $500 tow. I am using it for storage of a lot of my volvo parts though. I can move it around and use the lift gate which is very useful. The parts for these trucks aren't there anymore. I have even talked to mechanics that work on these in Sweden and they said there are no parts. So far it has a 2013 freightliner coolant reservoir on it . I need to reseal the clutch master cylinder as well and am having no luck finding parts for it . I wanted to buy a second truck to pull apart and rebuild parts but people still want some money for them and if they arent down the street like this one was then they are a penny to move .

All of these volvos are slowly making it back on the road. Most run and drive. I have a few to choose from to drive to work and back . When one needs fixing I just swap out and drive another. The parts are becoming hard to find and the cost is going up on them all so I am reluctant to get rid of any of them and have been collecting them the past years.
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