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Default Dangers at Oil pump housing

Originally Posted by verdigo View Post
The oil pump housing has the alternator pivot bolt going through it. If changing belts or otherwise screwing with this alternator belt do not over torque as it will squeeze the gasket and make it leak eventually. Ask me how I know this.. Pain in the butt on a 245 to replace this gasket. Poor design for alternator mounting IMO.
Such a stupid design!! I have to get the 740 alt belt done `v8volvo style` this week. It`s getting a Gates XL 7300 belt. 9.5-10mm wide, 780mm long. A bit wider than stock, and a bit longer than stock Volvo #966894 (9.5 x 750La) d24t belt which is discontinued. Cross reference charts at Napa shop made me buy the Gates belt (2x, in case it screws up on the road). I expect my regular belt-squeaking issues and sudden voltage drops go away. (belt slips at electric loads---i guess it`s also not tight enough)

Anyone knows the torque spec on that bolt?

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