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Note the leak here-- the gasket is broken thru (near the very top of the photo).P1010291.jpg This happens to be right where the oil pump hi-pressure outlet is, so it sees high pressure (80PSI?). BTW, the brand new replacement gasket (still in its intact sealed-bag original packaging) was folded/mutilated here at the exact same spot. We almost installed it! Had to end up waiting for a replacement.

Install new front crankshaft main seal

Install new oil pump front cover gasket

Reattach oil pump front cover

Reattach oil pickup tube, bending the locking tabs to lock the bolts

Clean oil pan and block mating surfaces, install new oil pan gasket, reattach oil pan.

Reattach front crossmember, steering coupler, engine mounts, etc.

Reinstall timing belt, retime engine and IP.
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