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Default Leaking Front (oil pump) Cover

Evidence will be an oil leak at the lower front of the engine, near the crankshaft, but without oil slung out along the rear edges of the cogged crank gear and damper pulley. Oil slung out from the pulleys indicate a leaky front crankshaft main seal.

Also, verify the oil is not leaking down from above-- valvecover leak is very common and can leak straight down the front.

The front cover/ oil pump cover can leak from the gasket, and there is a section there that sees high oil pressure.

Replacing the gasket should stop the leak.

Steps involved:

Remove timing belt, crankshaft damper pulley and cogged gear

Disconnect front engine mounts and lift engine

Disconnect steering column clamp

Lower front crossmember.
(This allows for dropping the oil pan sufficient to remove the front cover)

Drop oil panP1010287.jpgP1010286.jpgP1010289.jpg

Disconnect oil pickup tube from front cover. Note there is a tab lock plate.

Bend the tabs out of the way from the flats on the bolt heads.P1010290.jpg

Remove front (oil pump) coverP1010292.jpg
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