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Originally Posted by ngoma View Post
Engine is now running quite nicely, about half way to the 600-1200 mi. final 90deg bolt tightening. The Time-sert repaired bolt hole is apparently holding, no leaks internal or external from the HG, coolant is clean and clear.

Think it's the reverse-- thicker HG reduces compression. You may find harder starting, less power, economy, etc. I agree the MLS HG has a different torque specs and procedure than the fiber HG. Also more stringent mating surface finish specs. Along with theoretically better longevity.
Nice one, glad you got it sorted

Still not turned the key yet on mine after the head re-build, my new idler pulley bolt snapped whilst being torqued up , tried an easy-out, which felt like it was also about to let go , so eventually decided to drill it out and tapped it to 8mm and all seems to be strong.

Been out the country since for past couple of months, but now have a bit of a free time ahead, so hopefully i'll finally get the thing going shortly.

re the thicker HG, I hope it doesn't affect the car too adversely in that case, as i don't think I could face doing the bloody job again i'll soon know!

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