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Default Almost there!

After the 3-day sump-pump-in-a-bucket-plumbed-into-the-cooling-system flush to remove the oil and oil residue from the cooling system it was time to hook the rest back up.

Valve clearances checked out within spec.

Attached the PS pump, vac pump, air cleaner and its piping, radiator, overflow tank, etc.

Drove around the neighborhood a few times to get it up to operating temp., then gave the second-to-last 90deg. headbolt tightening.

Greenbook says "Tighten bolt 90* Note this should be in one movement without stopping." Even with lots of extension pipe on the breaker bar it felt like a slow motion jackhammer. No way to get a smooth twist on those!

The Time-sert repaired hole felt about the same as the others so I am taking that to mean its threads are successfully holding so far. The one directly ahead of it however tightened like butter, instead of chattering and crackling like the others.

Finished up too late to get the plates re-registered, so will have to wait until Monday for more reportage.
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